Cleopatra Plus Online Slot Rating and Review

IGT, the company that developed Cleopatra, is so pleased with the success of the game that they have produced a number of Cleopatra-themed slot machine successors. Cleopatra is widely considered to be one of the most profitable slot machines in the history of the industry. The Cleopatra Plus video slot has all of the game’s most popular features, including free spins, multipliers, and wild substitutions.

In addition to this, it has two new, one-of-a-kind features called “Follower” and “Level Up,” both of which may result in the accumulation of a great deal of additional awards during the bonus games. Because the aesthetics have also been modernized, this slot machine, which was formerly very simple and had simple symbols, has been transformed into a piece of beauty that is possibly only rivaled by the mythical beauty of Cleopatra herself. It’s possible that you’re exaggerating things a little bit, but even so, the slot game has a nice aesthetic.

You’ll find several of the greatest online slot sites featuring games with ancient Egyptian-themed reels that you may spin. Despite the fact that it deals with an age-old subject, this slot machine is completely up to date and can be played on mobile devices powered by either Apple or Android.

There are wins of up to 3,750.00 to be claimed throughout the basic games on any device you select to play on, and there are winnings of up to a huge 187,500.00 during the extra features. It should come as no surprise that this slot machine has achieved the same level of success as the game that it is based on.

Cleopatra Plus Configuration and Regulatory Choices

IGT, or International Game Technology to give them their full moniker, has been in the business of developing casino games for a sufficient amount of time to be aware that some players have a great deal of expertise playing slot machines, while other players are completely new to the game. They provide players with ample alternatives to suit everyone, including control buttons that are simple to use and minimal stakes for players who are just starting out, as well as the opportunity to put large bets and personalize the games for players who are more experienced.

Cleopatra Plus is a slot machine that has 40 lines, and although you are able to activate only a single line for a bet of 0.01 per spin, doing so means that you will probably have to wait for a very long time before you hit a winning combination. It is simpler to play all 40 at a cost of just 0.40 each spin and then increase the stakes to accommodate the available funds.

The highest wager is one hundred dollars, which should be enough to satiate nearly all gamers. With this amount, the player’s chances of winning real money are increased to a staggering one hundred eighty seven thousand dollars.

A player is awarded a prize if they line up three or more of the same symbol vertically, left to right, down a payline. The sequence must be uninterrupted. Click on the “Paytable” link that is located above the reels if you are interested in finding out how much each conceivable combination is worth. In addition, this explains how the multipliers, free games with special features, and wild symbols function.

There is an option that allows the reels to be spun up to 50 times automatically, which is a handy feature considering that many people like to relax and let the game unfold without having to continuously hit the button. The ability to play on mobile devices as well as desktop computers is another another option that is very much appreciated.

You can only play many IGT slot machines at land-based casinos, but with Cleopatra Plus, you have many possibilities, which is another reason why it’s become one of the best games in their range. Cleopatra Plus has become one of the most popular games in their range.

Cleopatra Plus, including All of Its Gameplay and Features

The greatly upgraded visuals put the reels against a picture of the pyramids against a sun that is either setting or rising depending on your perspective. The playing card images that provide lesser payments but more often do so are all designed to look like Egyptian gems, but the Scarab Beetle, the Ankh, and other Egyptian Gods, such as Isis, Anubis, Horus, Ra, and Osiris, award the larger rewards when they appear.

The piercing eyes of Cleopatra serve as a wild symbol, which means they may substitute for any other symbol to help create winning combinations by filling up any gaps in a string of other symbols. To increase her chances of successfully completing this mission, she may be stacked many times on a single reel.

The most significant advantage of Cleopatra Plus, however, is the special free spins feature that is activated when the scatter symbol appears on the reels. This picture of a guy dressed in an Egyptian headdress is known as a “Follower,” and it bestows five initial free spins onto the player. You may be able to put your Follower on a bonus map in order to uncover more free spins, quick cash rewards, or win multipliers. The number of people that triggered the feature determines how many bonus maps are available.

After then, the free spins will begin with a unique feature called “Level Up,” which will unlock new maps. Each new map will have an increased chance of winning. These levels all have exotic Egyptian names, and the Aset is Pleased level grants you access to more scatter symbols, while the Beautiful Desire of Aset level bestows upon you the ability to stack symbols.

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